Relationship: Inside the Mind of A Man

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We have all experienced a state of misunderstanding, quarrels, and fights in a relationship because of some factor or the others with the opposite sex.

Many times we see, drama and fights in a relationship. Even if both people truly love each other, they end up getting separated because of the misunderstandings. People see so much amount of hopelessness and regret when they lose the person they love. They go through a lot just because they fail to understand the other person.

What You’ll Get

This post is a must-read for the sorts of people who have failed at a relationship or who want to have a truly fulfilling relationship in the future. This is for the people who have gone through a lot and want to improvise their interaction, understanding, and trust with the opposite sex.

In order to have a truly fulfilling relationship, the very first thing we need to do is just pause, and for once a moment in our lifetime, let’s try to deeply understand the opposite sex by looking at the differences.

In this topic, I am going to clarify the differences in the mindset of a man and a woman in certain aspects of life.

What Men Really are?

Now let’s look around us, we see a beautiful world with tall buildings, great nations, big IT companies like Google, Microsoft, big malls and what not.

To remind you all, this was all created by MEN. Now I might sound like I’m a person who has no respect for women but that’s not the case. To be inherently logical and keeping our alter egos aside, men have achieved far more success and have built so many great structures and have a very large contribution to the economy of their countries, the area where women have a lot to cope up.

I’m elaborating so much about men here not because I’m a man myself and I have my own ego to satisfy but what I’m trying to convey here is, to have a deep understanding of what men really are.

Men are Task-Solution Oriented Species

To a man, everything is a task. Whether he has to take you on a date or has to cook something for you, has assignments to deliver, or has to take care of daily chores, he sees everything as a task.

And to him, successful completion of the task is very important. the area where he is really sensitive, and I really mean it.

Psychology of a man says that when he completes a task successfully, greater amounts of endorphins are released by his brains which give him a greater sense of worth and a temporary feeling of highs. Men want to dominate the area where they work, they want to really become successful as far as completion of the task is considered.

Some men often do to impress women around them, but not every man.

Problems with Women when their relationship is considered with Men

Now let’s take a hypothetical situation.

Suppose you are a wife and your husband is taking you to a new restaurant which is far from home. You and your husband both hop into the car. He takes the steering wheel and you sit next to him. After driving for some time, you get lost and are unable to find the correct route.

Now here comes the problem.

After circling a few rounds, you get fed up. You ask him to stop and you try to ask the correct route from the local shop vendor yourself. After this incident, you may reach your destination. But when you see your husband, he is angry or is getting withdrawn away from you. You do not have any idea what you did wrong, but he seems angry with you.

What you did wrong?

After several hours of thinking you are not able to infer what you did wrong.

Now I’ll tell you where you went wrong.

Above I mentioned that men are task-solution oriented species. Everything to them is a task and he is very sensitive when it comes to the successful completion of the task. Taking you to the new restaurant for him was a task and when you asked for directions from the local shop vendor, you took away his sense of self-worth he was about to receive after reaching the destination. You made him feel that he was not worthy enough to take you to the restaurant all by himself.

You may feel that you were trying to help him but accidentally you did the opposite.

Correct approach To Avoid Chaos in a Relationship

There are times when men lose their path while going to a restaurant or in life and what they truly want from you is that you trust them where are they taking you. He will definitely reach his destination one day or the other. But what he wants from you that instead of asking someone else for help, you should hold his hand and say “it’s not a problem darling, we’ll figure it out”.

To men, their self-worth is very important. When a woman tries to snatch it away from him, is the time when relationships start to get bitter.

man woman in a relationship holding hands and enjoying sunset
Criticizing men for who they really are won’t do any good either to you or your relationship. Understanding them and embracing them for their qualities is a much better option to have a better and emotionally fulfilling relationship.

Tips To Improve Your Relationship With a Man?

  1. Men are Highly task-solution oriented species.
  2. Everything is a task for them. Taking you on a date, giving you a better life, provide a better future for you and your children, etc.
  3. They are very sensitive when it comes to task completion.
  4. Never do anything that hurts their self-worth.
  5. Never try to help them unless asked.
  6. Trust them and instead of searching yourself for solutions, try to show some faith in them.

Confused What to Gift Your Man?

As far as gifting things to men, so much women are already confused about it. So many of them ask me often what to gift my boyfriend/husband etc. They don’t know exactly what men love. The thing is that in order to understand what he loves, he wants your trust more often. Believe me, men want their woman to trust them and they want to feel needed.

As women crave attention, men crave to be needed”.

Gift anything that shows that you trust him and you need him more. One good option here is to look at the gift idea below. It’s a cute showpiece that you can gift him that will make him feel needed and he’ll know you trust him.

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I hope you all liked the post.

Feel free to share this piece of knowledge with your female friends as well.

Till then, Have a nice time!!!

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  1. Nice content….
    Adding to this, I wud like to clarify that its not just about men who are task oriented,women are task oriented too.
    There could be few men who are not task oriented and same goes for the women too.
    In nutshell its a person’s nature to be task oriented irrespective of the gender.
    Moreover, whosoever a person be(be it a man or a woman) when it comes to relationship and love, they do things with feelings and emotions giving their tasks snd ego a backseat.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions Purva. It really means that people like you find the topics interesting and you contribute to the growth of our content.

  2. Finally someone telling our side of the story, doesn’t want to sound like much of a sexist, but, it’s in our instinct, like be true to yourself ladies would you like a confident man as your partner or a guy trembling when saying your name, I, ve been through these phases, and for me, being confident is also a task, that I, ve to practice, every moment of my life.
    … Checkout my YouTube channel for sarcastic commentary and gentle classy comedy on recent web topics.

  3. Amazing content …..
    Although I think both men and women are well oriented in their task except some but the example given by you clearify this creation more ..😊😊

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