Stress Vs A Couple In A Relationship: Who Wins

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We all experience stress in some way or the other in our lives. In our lives full of burden, this term, “STRESS”, finds it’s way very stealthily into each of our lives. Dealing with it or I’d rather say STRESS MANAGEMENT is a very common topic these days. And as a result of which you will ask me why I felt the need to shed light on this topic.

Purpose of Re-defining Stress Management

To be true there are shit loads of stress beating tutorials out there. So why you all be bothered to waste your precious 5 to 6 minutes on this page.

So let me tell you.

The main purpose of this post is not to teach you about managing stress. But to get you acquainted with how men or women responds to stress, how they handle it, and how you as a partner can help them recover through it.

How Men Behave When Stressed?

man in stress

When men are stressed, they behave in a strange and peculiar way. While to men, this is not strange. Women might find that a man when in stress, stops talking, loving, communicating, etc. A man stops every activity associated with his relationship or personal life when he is going through stress.

Their behaviour gets awkward. Basically if as a woman you relate this strange behaviour, you will feel that a man when going through stress, becomes highly withdrawn from you. You also might feel that you’re being neglected or ignored, as if he is trying to avoid you.

How Men Cope Up With Stress?

A man’s way of coping with stress is highly different compared to a woman.

As in my first post, I mentioned that men are task-solution oriented species. (If you haven’t read it, you must take a read as it will help you understand this post much better, here’s the link):

Men receive higher sense of self-worth and happiness when they accomplish a task. Successful completion of a task is very important and they are very sensitive towards this.

Closely looking at the statement marked above in bold, is the answer to how men cope up with stress.

Let’s take a deep dive inside a man’s mind when he is stressed.

Diving Deep Into a Man’s Mind

Men when in stress, look for solutions to the problems, they are stressed for. To find a solution, they become very focused and get completely withdrawn from everything and everyone around them . They will keep mulling on the problem until they find a solution.

The more stressed they are, the more focused they will be.

They get so deeply involved with the problem they are trying to solve, that they even sometimes become unaware of their surroundings. They will not leave until they successfully find a solution.

And if, even after so many attempts, suppose they fail to get a solution, the second thing they will do is that, they will disengage themselves from everything. They will do all sorts of stuff that will make them forget all about their problems. Like they will watch T.V, play a game with friends, go to a bar, etc.

To a woman, it seems that he is ignoring or side-lining her, but to him he is just fighting stress, in a man’s way.

How Women Behave when Stressed?

As far as women are considered, they behave in a way different than men.

When women are stressed, they develop a sudden urge to express themselves, express their problems, feelings, whatever is troubling them, etc. They urgently will need someone to talk to. And if they start talking, their urge/desire to express herself sometimes will become endless.

To men this seems strange, they might label their partner as a chatterbox or too talkative. They also sometimes try to avoid their partners which often results into hurting women.

How Women Cope-Up With Stress?

woman in stress

Women cope up with stress in a way different than men.

As in my second post, I mentioned that women are emotion or feelings oriented species. (If you haven’t read it, you must take a read as it will help you understand this post much better, here’s the link):

Closely looking at the statement marked above in bold, is the answer to how women cope up with stress.

Let’s take a deep dive inside a woman’s mind when she is stressed.

Diving Deep Into a Woman’s Mind

A woman receives a higher sense of self-worth when her feelings and emotions are justified. A woman validates her life through her emotions and feelings. Anything that is not emotionally fulfilling for her, has no place in her life.

While men look for solutions to the problems, women love to talk a lot about their problems in detail.

Women, when stressed, love to talk about the intricate details of their problems. They don’t look for solutions, instead they will find someone they trust, and will talk to them for hours about their problems.

To men, expressing themselves is a bit difficult. A man will only ask for help only if he has tried everything in his power and still failed. But for a woman, expressing her problems, grief, pain is not an act of cowardice. Instead women feel emotionally fulfilled when they have someone whom she trusts and listens to her problems without criticism and with proper understanding. It makes them happier and lighter than before.


For a man, finding solutions to a problem or completely disengaging himself from everything around him is his way to fight stress.

And for a woman, to talk about in details of her problems in detail with a person she trusts, is her way of dealing with stress.

The problem with us as human beings is that we expect the person of opposite sex to act and respond to a situation in the way we respond. In the process, we end up forgetting that men and women are two different species. Their mindsets are different, their approach to life is different and their thought process is also different. As a consequence of which they will naturally act differently. And not understanding and respecting these differences is the root cause of all chaos in a relationship.

A Natural Method To Fight Stress “TOGETHER”

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How to Help Each Other Beat Stress

  1. Just give men their personal time when they are going through stress. Instead overwhelming them with your own problems, give them some time to relax and chill. Let them focus on their problems or help them in completely forgetting the problem.
  2. This can be achieved by doing a fun activity together like dancing, partying, etc.
  3. To help a woman, just try to be a good listener first. I am a man myself and I also know how difficult it is to be a good listener. But if something is helping you strengthen your relationship, it’s a good deal.
  4. A woman doesn’t needs your solutions to feel better, what she actually needs is a persons who can listen to her with proper understanding and without judgement or criticism.
lovers after beating stress

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