What Men Want And What Women Think, Men Want

what men want
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An intriguing and contradictory topic, isn’t it? What Men Want From Women?

Now many people upon reading the heading might be thinking that What Men Want is only one thing from women and that is (now, here goes your wild, WILD IMAGINATION). But that’s not the only thing that men want.

I didn’t mean to say that men don’t need that thing which you were thinking right now, but in addition to that, they also have certain needs on an emotional basis. In this post, I’m going to tell you what are actually, the hidden desires of men, what they deeply want from the woman they are in a relationship with, and what happens if it isn’t given to them. Men, on the contrary, will never ask you directly for these things. Instead, they want you to get acquainted with these things yourself.

There are certain needs of men apart from physical ones obviously. Many people might now disagree with me. The reality is, Men Too Have Emotional Needs. There are certain things that make a man emotionally fulfilled which are obviously different from the emotional needs of women. When it comes to fulfilling the emotional needs of men, women are often mistaken. The problem with women when it comes to fulfilling the emotional needs of men is that they often try to superimpose their desires on men.

Let’s understand it by taking an example

The Perfect Example

Let’s take a hypothetical situation. Suppose you are a wife or a girlfriend. Your male partner has his birthday today. He wakes up, you wish him, after getting fresh and having breakfast, he leaves for work. Now you are alone at home and start wondering what to do for your partner while he’s away. An IDEA clicks your mind. You plan to surprise him by baking a birthday cake. You go to the market, search for ingredients, shop for them, carry the whole heavy-weight all by yourself and finally manage to reach home. Then you call your partner and he tells you that he will arrive in three hours. You start baking the cake and time passes by. After rigorous all-day hard-work, you manage to bake a tasty and a beautiful designer cake, all by yourself by putting such huge amounts of effort.

Now the time comes, you hear a doorbell and your body starts to get all sorts of adrenaline rush. All hormones in your body start to fire up. You then go to the door and open it. You see your partner, you smile at him and he comes inside. He takes a look at the cake at the dining table which you made for him. He gives a slight grin and here goes your mood OFF. Actually now you wonder what you did wrong. The majority of men do the same thing, not all but the majority of them.

angry wife and husband

Understanding What Men Want

Let me help you understand and tackle this situation. You are basically a woman. A woman has her special kinds of emotional needs to be fulfilled. People say often that women love surprises, and it’s true. There’s nothing wrong with that. So why your idea of surprising your husband with a self baked cake didn’t help you out.

It was because you tried to superimpose your emotional needs on him. You as a woman love surprises and become very happy upon receiving them. So now you also think that when you’ll surprise your man, he’ll become happy too. And here is the point where you took it all wrong.

See, the point is that he is a man, unlike a woman, he has a certain mindset which is obviously different from a woman. You were trying to impose a woman’s method of making him happy and you forgot that he is a man. Men are totally different species than women, their mindsets are different, their needs are different, their ways to achieve emotional fulfillment is also different. I’m not saying that men don’t love surprises. But in general, men don’t crave surprises as much as women do.

The very first thing you have to make sure is just try to make sure that you are not superimposing your ways of fulfilling his emotional needs. And the next thing you have to do is, just continue reading this post.

There are basically five pillars that are truly responsible for fulfilling a man’s emotional needs. And remember, when pillars are strong enough, it will hold the building forever.

Pillars Of What Men Want Actually !!!

1. What Men Want: Faith

It is one of the most important and most sensitive things to men. That’s why it’s the first pillar.

You must be wondering what’s the big deal with trust or faith.

For women, it is important to be cared for. They always want a caring partner. A partner who will care for her when she is down or feeling low. Since they want to be cared for, what they will generally do is that they will also try to take care of their partners, thinking that men also need to be cared for.

To a man, being cared for is not a priority, obviously, men need a caring partner but what’s more important to them is, they want to gain the trust of the women they are with. It is sometimes very confusing for women, that men resist their caring nature. To a man, it is much, much important that his woman should completely and blindly trust him. If a man is unable to gain complete confidence in a woman, he feels that he is not worthy of being a partner. This thing affects a man’s sense of self-worth very badly. He begins to feel emotionally drained from within.

man woman sitting on a beanbag hugging each other

Understanding With an Example

Suppose you are with your husband, shopping for some groceries. You want a bottle of jam of a certain brand that you use often, you ask him to search for that certain brand of jam. After a long time of searching, he finds nothing and returns to you empty-handed. He tells you that the product is nowhere to be found. You don’t agree with him, you all by yourself go to the store attendant and ask him for the jam brand you use.

Coincidentally, the store attendant also tells that the product is out of stock. Now you look at your husband, he looks sad or infuriated. You have no idea what you did wrong. You try to figure out things but now your man won’t talk to you, he starts ignoring you and withdraws himself away. Then you certainly start to feel that he is growing emotionally distant. Though he is physically there, he is now not emotionally connected to you.

This action was a direct attack on his self-worth. It gave him a feeling that you don’t trust him with your daily chores, and also that you will not trust him with your life, body, etc. He thinks that if a woman doesn’t trust me with her daily chores, how will she trust me with her life.

2. What Men Want: Feeling Of Being Needed

The Second Pillar of What Men Want is the Feeling Of Being Needed. What does being needed means?

Let me help you understand it from a woman’s point of view.

Just as women crave attention, men crave to be needed. Not physically only, but emotionally also.

Let’s understand by a typical, practical scenario you all women must have gone through. When you were in a need of help, another woman might not have helped you the way as a man would have helped. Recall it from your college days, your male friends must have been available for you at all times of distress. They might have helped you out when another woman might have refused. Now here’s the thing.

When a woman asks a man for help, he will do everything in his power to help her out. Not because he has feelings for her or any such shit, but because he feels needed. He thinks that a woman trusts him with her problems. He thinks that she feels, only he will be able to help her out. And it gives him a higher sense of self-worth.

what men want: man helping woman in office

Just mark my words:

Not feeling, that he is needed, acts as a slow poison, for him. It kills him emotionally from within. It acts as a starting point of depression.

That’s the reason men don’t deny their help to a woman. Because they feel needed and it’s important for them, and for their emotional well-being.

3. What Men Want: Appreciation

The Third Pillar of What Men Want is Appreciation.

“A man will make quadruple amounts of efforts if he feels appreciated”.

A great philosopher quoted this, sadly I have forgotten his name.

When a woman upon receiving any sort of value from the efforts of a man feels happy or elated. It makes a man feel appreciated. It is acknowledged to him that his efforts for his woman didn’t go in vain. This makes him feel encouraged and motivated. So the next time to please his woman, he definitely will make much greater efforts.

what men want: woman appreciating man by holding his cheeks

Appreciation for a man from his woman plays an important role in his emotional fulfillment. There is a common phrase which is as follows:

Men are afraid of giving love, while women are afraid of receiving it.

If a woman doesn’t appreciate his efforts, he stops giving. It is difficult for a man to accept and express his feelings for someone. If a man is already making efforts and his efforts aren’t being recognized, sometime later, he’ll definitely stop giving.

To know if a man is truly in love with you, just see his commitment. For a woman, it is easier to commit to someone but it is very difficult for a man to give his commitment. Men don’t easily commit. They have a hard time giving commitment to someone. And if a man has given his commitment, he will forever hold it. The most difficult thing for a man is to express his feelings for someone, it doesn’t matter if it is done verbally or in writing. If his feelings or proposal (which shows his level of commitment) aren’t recognized. It acts as the worst painful experience for him.

4. What Men Want: Embracement

The Fourth Pillar of What Men Want is Embracement.

In other words, you can also call it acceptance.

Men need such sort of women in their lives who will accept them the way they are. The problem with women is that they always want to improve things. No matter how better something or someone is, they will always try to make some improvements. Women often give advice/suggestions on improvement. It is in their genetics.

And this is the thing that men hate. The mindset of men says that if something is working, leave it, don’t fix it. Until and unless a thing doesn’t break down completely, it doesn’t require fixing. While women, on the other hand, are totally opposite, they will always try to improve things, it doesn’t matter even if they are working absolutely fine.

In a relationship, women often try to improve men by giving unsolicited advice, suggestions, etc. It makes a man feel that he is broken down. (As men think that fixing is only required when things completely have broken down), they think that if a woman is trying to improve them, they are completely broke.

It hurts a man to accept himself as being not able to function properly. Her improvement suggestions make him question his abilities.

For men, being accepted as the way they are is a way to know that a woman loves him truly. If a woman consistently tries to improve him, he will slowly start to withdraw himself away from her. Men want to be accepted and embraced for the way they are.

5. What Men Want: Admiration

The Fifth Pillar of What Men Want is Admiration.

Just like women love compliments, men love being admired.

A man feels highly loved when his woman holds admiration for his personality. Men love being admired for their humor, strength, creativity, etc. Men feel on top of the world when women admire them sexually.

what men want :man loving woman in a private room

What Really is Admiration?

Admiration is different from compliments. Admiration is something that holds a deep sense. A compliment is something that only holds value for sometime after being given. But admiration is a deep and sensual thing. It lasts for a long time. A man feels admired when his woman genuinely feels and says to him. It is more connected to the sensual and passionate feelings of men.

These were the basic five pillars of emotional fulfillment that men want to be fulfilled. Just remember, the house of your relationship will only be as strong as your pillars are. More strong the pillars, the stronger will be your relationship. And if you have tried everything, and still, things haven’t worked out for you. Try changing your perspective and implement these five pillars of making a man emotionally fulfilled. In a month or so, it will work wonders for you.

Important Take-aways

  1. Men want your trust, they want you to trust them with every action, even the smallest one. If you have asked for something, he will definitely do his best. Don’t try to help him or start giving advice.
  2. Men want to be needed. Not feeling to be needed acts as a slow poison for him. Ultimately it will lead to depression.
  3. If a man is not being appreciated for his efforts, he will stop giving.
  4. Men need to be accepted as they are. They don’t want to be fixed or improved. They are not broken.
  5. Men want to be admired. They want to feel admired for their looks, body, character, personality, muscles, etc.

Most Important One Though

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  1. Very well written and many of your points are completely true. But I believe that men do like surprises and many of them appreciate when a woman puts efforts and surprises them. I’ve seen through my pay experiences that when something is handmade (in this instance, the cake), a man will truly appreciate your effort to bake for him and surprise him.

    1. Thank you Ziddi Tamanna and as always you know, there are always some exceptions. Some men are alike, some are different. This post was written in according to what men generally do like. But your suggestion is always welcome and I am thankful that you loved it. Keep Visiting it for further new posts.

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