Never Give Up: When You Should Actually GIVE UP

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Many times people have to go through some situations in life and can’t decide whether they should never give up or just give up. Many such situations in life arrive and a person starts to fall into a constant endless trap of dilemma and is unable to decide whether he should give up or should keep going and never give up.

To help you tackle this situation effectively, I’m taking you through a real-life scenario of my friend who is currently struggling with her career.

Real-Life Scenario

One of my female friends graduated from Delhi University and after that went for UPSC, (a most renowned Govt Job in India), preparations in Delhi itself. As she was from another state, she had to stay in a P.G. The P.G. monthly rent was near about rupees 10,000/month.

After staying for about 2.5 years in Delhi, spending a handsome amount and 2 failed attempts to even qualify the first round and various other small level govt. exams. She is now going for the third attempt. With the passing of these 2.5 years, her mental and emotional health started to degrade. All signs of hopelessness and guilt, she carried in herself.

Seeing her mental and emotional condition, that was only worsening with time. I asked her to pursue her passion or interest, find something that she really loved to do. I also told her that we live in the digital age, we’re lucky to start literally a job or work just from being at our own homes. Only through the click of a button, one can easily set up a business these days. It’s that simple.

Whenever I suggested her to do something else, she said that she can’t leave it, she’s too determined for it, etc. But the other side of this situation was that she was also very depressed and had lost all hope. She also remained tense most of the time. She said that she can’t give up, she’s not a coward and all. But she was neither achieving some significant results nor she was mentally and emotionally healthy.

Many people also go through similar situations like hers. Those situations can be related to their relationships, marriage, career, etc. The most confusing part for them is that what they should do? Should they give up or should they keep on going and never give up?

A Practical Approach To Decide When You Should Actually Never Give Up Or Just Give Up?

If You’re currently going through any such situation and are totally confused about how to tackle it.

Here’s are 6 different signs to follow that’ll help you decide whether you should give up or keep going and never give up.

Sign 1: You’re Not Improving

never give up stagnant

If from your past analysis, you don’t see you are actually growing mentally or emotionally or not getting some positive results, it’s the time to quit.

Improvements are a necessary thing. If you’re stagnant at the same point for a prolonged period of time and don’t see any positive changes in you or your situations. And even after a lot of perseverance, you don’t get to see good results, at least better than last time, you should definitely give up. There’s no point in being stagnant.

Don’t Just keep sitting there and waste more time or money. Even after giving your best efforts, if you didn’t achieve any significant results, then that field isn’t meant for you. Just accept it and move on.

Sign 2: Not Getting Results As Per Input You Give

If you are constantly giving your time & energy and working your ass off. But still, you have a poor ROI (Return On Investments), there’s again a time to think to either give up or not.

You may think that you will get results sooner or later. But even after the considerable amount of time and effort and resources you put in and you don’t see any positive ROI, it’s the time to give up.

Sign 3: Pay Attention To Your Mental And Physical Health

If you feel that your energy level is constantly declining and your performance is degrading day by day.

You feel lethargy and lousy.

And you also lack energy or get tired very easily. That work or situation is compromising with your peace of mind. If you feel it, It’s time to give up.

A common mistake people make is that they don’t pay attention to their physical or emotional health. If you are emotionally and physically healthy, you can definitely achieve something big in life. Never ever compromise on your emotional or mental health.

Sign 4: Constantly Getting A Feeling Of Withdrawl Or Deniability

Personally speaking from my past experience, 2 months ago I got an interview call from an I.T company in Noida. After reaching there, the peon asked me to wait.

That period of 10 minutes of waiting was the most confusing moment of my life till now. Deep within I was wishing that I shouldn’t be selected in the interview process. I don’t know why, but I was constantly getting that feeling and it was very strong.

You might call me stupid but it’s the truth.

The thing is that your gut or intuition knows you more than you know yourself. My gut was constantly telling me that it was not the right thing for me. I should just run away, I shouldn’t waste my time here. But I was sitting there.

Thankfully today, I am grateful that I didn’t get selected. If I would have been selected, I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to start this beautiful blog.

The thing that was going with me then was that I was constantly feeling a need to withdraw myself. And if you too also get this feeling, you should definitely give up.

Sign 5: Poor Self-Image

As time passes, you begin to have a degraded poor self-image. Your self-image constantly keeps declining and you are not in alignment with yourself.

A part of you starts to un-accept you and you feel like you’re trapped in someone else’s body. You feel you’re not actually the real you. If that’s the case, it’s the time to take a leap of faith.

Sign 6: Just Doing For The Sake Of Validation Or Approval From Others

This sign is the most important of them all. Let’s understand with the help of an example.

Most people work their ass off and earn millions of money, not because they want to. But because they want to fulfill their ego or they want to prove their capabilities to someone. And if you’re one of them, then you are heading a dead-end road.

Don’t do things only for bragging about or showing off. Many people fall prey to this thing and even if they are not good at it, they will try to accomplish it at any cost.

Conclusion On Never Give Up

These were some of the subtle signs in life which indicates that you should give up.

Many people actually don’t have the courage to just give up. Yes, you read it right, It takes courage to leave something behind you once wanted deeply. Be it your career, love and everything else.

Don’t become so blinded by your emotions that you end up hurting yourself. Just have a clear logical opinion on things and keep yourself in control. If you will keep the above points in mind, it will save you lots of time, money and even a heart-break.

Hope you all loved this post.

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