Motivational Quotes: Why It Just Doesn’t Work?

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Let’s try to understand deeply why these Motivational Quotes won’t work on you. But first, let me ask you a little question? Have you done DRUGS before? I know it’s a strange question but it’s quite relevant to this topic.

If you have ever tried doing drugs or if you’ve been in contact with people who do such stuff. Then you know how it feels or what impact it creates. These drugs don’t help people in the long term. But in the short-term, these give them temporary feelings of highs.

Motivational Quotes are just like these.

What Do These Motivational Quotes Do With Your Brain?

Doing drugs might increase your work efficiency, focus, and all, but it just works for the short term (only for a few hours or a day). And the next day, such people again feel the need for it.

When drugs are consumed, they release dopamine in people’s brains in very high amounts. This hormone dopamine is also called a stress reliever hormone and it gives people temporary highs.

Motivational Quotes also do the same with your brain. First, when you read a motivational quote or go to any motivational seminar, you feel highly energetic and lively. But as time passes, you start to lose all the energy and motivation. You again feel the need for another motivation, you visit another seminar and this cycle goes on repeating. You often also find that only your money and time gets wasted and you don’t achieve any significant results.

motivational quotes addiction is like drugs addiction

Sometimes these quotes also trap you into so much fueled self-belief that you often forget who you really are. It dwindles your personality and robs you of your real inner-self. By creating so much urgency and rush, they will try to make you realize that you can crush your goals in a day or so. And these will also compel you to make unrealistic promises or expectations to yourself.

After trying these motivation techniques, one only feels depressed, stressed and only thinks of this as just a waste of time.

And if you have done these several times, either now no motivational quotes motivate you any further, or you can’t do any other work without further motivation.

Either you’re addicted to this or now you hate this stuff.

Alternative To Motivational Quotes

If you want to achieve something valuable in life and you’re searching for motivation. Chances are, you’ll fail at it very badly.

See, the reality is,

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In the real world, one has to get their hands dirty in order to achieve something valuable in life. Nothing comes easy.

Actually, just see success as a long road (a really long one) and you’re driving in a car on that road to your destination which is very far away. To drive to such an extent, you also need a huge capacity for gasoline (petrol) in your car.

That gasoline in your life on the road to success is:

Your Love For Your Work, Not MOTIVATION.

Motivation is just a nitro booster. After it’s activated, it will only work for a few seconds and can only give you a temporary boost. Only with the nitro booster solely, you can’t reach your destination. You need gasoline and that gasoline is the love, dedication, commitment, etc. towards your work.

Most people think success as a sprint race, it’s not. Rather than:

Success is a marathon.

More than speed, you need endurance and a not giving up attitude. Definitely speed matters, but not as much as endurance.

What Should You Do Then?

Let’s take a look as to what Steve Jobs once said in his 1-minute speech:

The main summarisation is that if you aren’t in love with the work you’re doing. You will certainly give up.

If you really want to be successful, find your passion and persevere in that direction. No matter how lucrative these motivational quotes or videos might look, these will not alone help you in achieving success. One has to go deep down in the battlefield and get their own hands dirty in order to achieve something.

At one point in life, I was also making the same mistake. Going through only motivational videos one after another on youtube. At first, these were energizing and motivating. But after some time, I began to feel empty, it was frustrating and decaying me from within until I decided to get to work and started my blog. Only work and the love of it has the power to take you through that harsh road that will eventually lead to success.

motivational quotes can also lead to depression

Nothing is ever easy and it never will be, it’s the truth. There are no shortcuts. So stop wasting time on these videos and just get to work. This is the only way to be happy and successful.

Now I’ll end this topic by quoting some beautiful and realistic words said by the real Iron Man (Elon Musk):

“If you need motivation to do any work, just don’t do it”

I hope you all loved the post. Comment down your opinions and let me know in which area of life you want guidance regarding where emotions are stopping you from achieving anything.

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