Indian Government: Why We Don’t Get A Good One

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For the past many years, even after independence. We the people of India have been dreaming of that type of Indian Government, who can fulfill our wishes and desires and make India even much standardized than the USA.

But one or the other time, we’re often made fools of ourselves. In the Indian context, we refer to it as ‘Apna Kat Jaata Hai’. This scenario keeps on repeating itself every 5 years when the election comes. Politicians make promises, show people dreams and then when they win, they forget who made them who they are.

But for everything that is happening with us can’t be entirely blamed upon the government. After all, even after 70 plus years of independence, this is a repeat telecast that goes on every 5 years. That implies people aren’t learning.

You’ll be shocked to know that the condition in which people of our country live, is created none other than by these people themselves.

The statement mentioned below is the main reason where the people of our country lack the most which often costs them 5 years of suffering.

Lack Of Emotional Intelligence, While Electing Indian Government

This is perhaps the most important factor. This is the area where the Indian Government takes more than 50% of the advantage to win elections.

As it’s compared with other countries, most of our people (Indians) are more inclined towards their emotional side rather than their rational and logical side. Being emotional isn’t a bad thing at all, but controlling one’s emotions, is the art that we often fail to master.

Whenever candidates come to take part in elections, they often try to make unrealistic promises. And sadly many times, those promises are often irrelevant and don’t have the caliber to benefit people or the nation in any way.

The majority of them are related to religion.

indian govrnment religion woman praying

To be logical and rational, the development of a country depends on the provision of facilities like education, infrastructure, clean drinking water, better roads, high-end jobs, etc.

But people, on the contrary, are blinded by the emotional attachment to their religion. They often utilize their voting power to elect the candidate who either provokes them or injects a feeling of insecurity in them or tries to satisfy their egos rather than providing them with better facilities.

Problem With People When Electing Indian Government

indian government riots

The main problem with people is their lack of emotional development. Since this is the thing that most of us are not taught about at school or at home. We get acquainted with it sooner or later on our own.

And sadly this is the area where these candidates are at an advantage. They fully try to manipulate people’s emotions either by provoking them or instilling a sense of fear in them.

Fear is instilled in people either by convincing them that their religion is in danger or their homes are, etc.

This is also the main cause of riots that take place in our country.

Correct Approach In Electing Indian Government

indian government politics

Rather than going through emotional roller-coaster that we’re manipulated to ride by these candidates. We should have a sense of rational & logical mindsets.

Instead of focussing on the betterment of religion or building of temples, we should focus only on the candidate who promises and delivers the facilities which will, in turn, benefit the people like education, healthcare, etc.

Rather than wearing a blind patch on our eyes, we should act more logical and rational beings. It is because the elected Indian Government will be there for 5 years, but our emotion only lasts for about an hour or so.

We should keep that in mind that Ram Bhagwan (Hindu God) will never come down to Earth to build roads for us or will supply clean drinking water to our people. It’s not the job of Ram Bhagwan to cater services home to home. It is the responsibility of the candidates we elect that will provide facilities and serve people.

People should never forget that their Allah or God or any other idol they worship will not come down to earth to provide them better roads. It’s not their job to do. But it’s the job of the government that we elect.

So when pushing the voting button next time, keep things in mind mentioned below:

  1. Be Rational & Logical while electing your future candidate.
  2. Don’t fall into emotional traps of fear, insecurity, revenge, etc. that many candidates often deliver in their campaigning.
  3. Focus only on the services and the facilities the candidate promises to deliver.
  4. Don’t try to make an emotional connection with your selected candidate. Remember emotions last only for a day or two but your elected leader will rule for 5 years.
  5. Only look for what sort of value he or she will provide in the near future.

Just keep in mind, if you’ll make any sort of decisions based on your current emotions, you might have to suffer for the next 5 years.

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